Important Things You Need To Know About Growing Your Penis Safely

There is no question as to the importance of the role that sex plays in the success of a relationship. However, there is always the glaring doom that men with a small penis always face as they are often lead to think that with their less than normal size, they are not able to satisfy their partner. Not only does this threaten the health of the relationship, it also greatly affects the self-esteem of the man and that can be devastating. That is why there are some methods that have been devised that are dedicated towards getting a larger and longer dick. However some of these methods could be very risky but since most of the manufacturers and doctors want you to keep using their services the will not let you know.


This is among the quickest ways that one can be able to get a larger penis. However, it is also among the most risky. A great deal of things could go wrong before, during and after the procedure. For instance there are chances that an infection could occur that could spell a lot of trouble for you. It is also worth mentioning that during the procedure, the suspensory ligament is cut. This results into the loss of the erection angle and hence you are tasked with the burden of hand guiding your penis during intercourse.

There are other serious complications that will occur with this procedure like the scarring, penile dysfunction and you may also lose the penile sensation hence making love making less interesting for you. Structural deformities like scrotalization where the penis seems to be coming from the scrotum instead of the abdominal wall may occur not to mention that this procedure are highly financially imposing.

Penis Extenders

Many guys ask how make your dick bigger  with penis extenders? A risky & fruitless proposition indeed. There are a variety of these but they are all dedicated to the same old thing and that is adding the length of your penis. While they have been shown to work, this does not come without a serious price to pay for a person that decides to use this method. For starters, you only get length using this process but no girth.

As much as some of this gadgets come with a money back guarantee, it is worth considering if you should even spend the money in the first place that can cause a lot of pain over a long period to get the results required. Penis extenders may also cause nerve and blood vessel damage and even internal bleeding. In order for the extender to get a good grip, there must be a headswell that is usually cause by blood being trapped and there is no need to explain what that could lead to.

Natural Exercises

Now this is one method that will not cost you a dime and at the same time will give you results without putting you or your little guy in harm’s way. For starters, exercise do not encourage you to pull your penis to extraordinary lengths and you’re in control of what is being done so you understand what is comfortable with you. You are also able to get more girth not only length and considering that there is no chemical involved or cutting, there are no chances that you will get a reaction or infection. It’s all about positive results without any worries whatsoever.